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5 Ways to Stay Hot in the Summer Social Media Fizzle

Social Media in the summer is a tough gig. People are on holidays, wishing they were on holidays, or planning their holidays. Getting people to react and interact to your social media posts can get hard this time of year! Now it is August, you have been experiencing these issues for over a month, and you are extremely frustrated! We here at Cinis Marketing, thought it may be helpful to give you some tips and tricks to get through the rest of this rough season!


Sometimes, when companies and individuals aren't seeing quick results with their social media, they slow down on posting. This is a HUGE mistake! With all the noise that is on social media, and with individuals only seeing 2% of the posts possible to their feed, taking yourself out of the game can take you out of their thoughts all together. Also, if you are in any industry where your social media credibility can effect your brick and mortar credibility, having a stale site can affect sales whether people are responding to your posts or not.


Summer is full of amazing events, both local and online! Post about these events, from these events, and/or about these events. Ensure you tag the event in your post, as well as any other company, foundation, fundraiser, or group involved. In doing this your post is able to gain traction through several channels!


Often when people are having events they also are having social media campaigns. Tag into these campaigns, whether by being a part of them or asking the host if you can help. Gain a presence wherever you can!


People love contests! Give away baseball tickets, inexpensive Tim Hortons Gift Cards, or whatever you want! To win people can like your page, send you a photo of something related to your page, answer a question such as how many candies are in a jar, or merely type interested in the comments section. Remember, the more interaction a post gets, the more traction it gets!


I strongly believe that we are all kids inside; therefore, we all love to play games! Games can be anything from a poll post where different emotions are different answers, hashtag contests, sharing the answer to trivia, or even some of the above that can be run within a contest!

The summer fizzle happens! Hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you through it. Need more assistance, let's chat!

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