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Snapchat's Newest Feature May Have Gone a Little Too Far

Earlier this week Snapchat launched a new feature in an attempt to bring them back to the top of the social media totem pole. Snap Map was introduced to the world as a function in which users are able to share their specific location with each other. Snap Map allows Snapchat to enter the 'maps' world and to greatly expand their advertising opportunities. It also allows users to view photos from sporting events and concerts, or merely from a specific location. From the standpoint of Snapchat, it is easy to see why this innovative new feature was an exciting launch!

Several articles have arisen since the launch of Snap Map, alluding to the danger of this app. The ability of a Snap Chat users to see exactly where their contacts are at all times, is kind of creepy! Luckily Snapchat saw this issue coming, and created a Ghost Mode! The problem might be convincing people to use it! As per the articles, teenagers are loving this feature, while parents are concerned.

Snap Map is simple to use, Once launched, you are instructed to share your location, or to go into Ghost Mode, where you can see the posts of others without sharing your location. If you choose to show people where you are at all times, you can always change to Ghost Mode later. Here is a great article with in-depth instruction on how to ensure you are in Ghost Mode,

So, is Snap Map a good move for Snapchat, who knows! What I do know is that I think it is getting far to easy to spy on others. I, personally, will remain in Ghost Mode!

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