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Is your Facebook Page verified? Make sure it is or you are missing out!

Surprise, surprise, Facebook is at it again. Facebook is continually changing their interface in order to better serve their clientbase. One of the newest changes that has occurred is the verification of Facebook pages. Plenty of Facebook's users also have a Facebook page for a group, business, or hobby. Many individuals have several Facebook pages. So what happens when people loose interest in their hobby, no longer partake in a group, or close a business. Often the Facebook page remains, floating in 'Facebook Land' and occasionally landing on the newsfeed of current Facebook users. Facebook is smart to have put a program in place, in which they can see who is currently using their Facebook Pages. And luckily for us, the fix is fairly easy!

Facebook has added a verification process to their pages. On your Facebook Page, under settings, is the term verified. Beside it, in a lighter script, most pages currently say unverified. If you click on this, it takes you to a link in which you put in your phone number (the primary phone number on your page) and you are immediately called with an access code. Once you input the access code into the link, your page is verified. Facebook will now view your Facebook Page as verified and all of your posts and ads will be promoted above those of an unverified page. This has to be done for every Facebook page you have, one verification does not work for all.

Not too hard right? So what are you waiting for? Make sure your business, hobby, and group Facebook pages are verified today. Ensure that your content is viewed above those who have stale, unused pages. Yet another reason Social Media Marketing Specialists are needed, to ensure changes like this are not missed! Need more Social Media Marketing advise? Let's chat!



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