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How to Properly Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a giant in terms of Social Media Marketing. The ability to communicate with your audience through a medium where from the comfort of their home, or office, they can watch, comment, and learn, is invaluable. The addition of Facebook Live has taken the world by storm.

The natural progression of this is pre-recorded Facebook Live videos. Can this be done? Yes! Should it, I am not sure. One of the main reasons Facebook Live is so effective is that if someone comments on your Live Feed, or someone new joins the feed, the individual using Facebook Live is able to speak to that person by name. This interaction is why Facebook Live is so valuable. It is the Live component that sets it apart from a streamed video.

If someone watched at a pre-recorded video on Facebook Live, versus the same video posted directly onto a Facebook page, the outcome would be extremely similar. The instance in which this is not the case, is when a company has promoted their upcoming Live feed. When contacts have been reminded of the date and time that you will be live, the pre-recorded video on Facebook Live may do better than a video posted direct. However, this short term gain may not remain when there is a lack of engagement while Live.

The bottom line is that Facebook Live is the most effective tool when you are in fact Live. Ensure that you engage with your audience WHILE filming. If you have created a hype before you go Live, letting people know you will be speaking on a certain talking. If you engage with your audience, answer questions and say hello to the people watching you, Facebook Live will work for you. I do not think that Facebook Live shortcuts, such as pre-recorded videos being streamed Live, are as effective.

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