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How to Stand Out on Social Media in Real Estate

The real estate market is extremely competitive. Not only do realtors have to compete with other real estate companies in their area, they also compete with companies such as ComFree which allow individuals to sell their own homes. Marketing is a large part of what sets realtors apart from their competition. In researching Social Media Marketing for realtors for a potential client I was baffled to find that the statistics show that realtors are not using social media marketing to its full potential.

Did you know that 84% of Real Estate Professionals are using Social Media? 79% are using Facebook, while only 49% are utilizing Twitter, 29% are utilizing LinkedIn, and 12% are utilizing YouTube. Your Facebook site is great, but is the tip of the iceberg in terms of how you can grow your Social Media Marketing platform, while separating yourselves from the competition.

Did you know that Real Estate has the lowest interaction rating in social media, a mere 0.45%. This isn’t due to lack of interest, but because the majority of a realtor’s followers are their clients, who no longer need a new home. Therefore, if all posts are geared towards the homes that are for sale, and recently sold, you are not reaching the full potential of Social Media Communication with your clients!

These are a few of many stats showing that realtors can be further utilizing social media in order to set themselves apart from their competition. YouTube videos are attractive, easily accessible to the public and FREE! Instagram is growing at a rapid pace and will soon join the ranks of the above statistics. Twitter has proven to have a slightly older median age than Facebook, and yet not even 50% of realtors are utilizing it.

The possibilities for Social Media Marketing in real estate are far from saturated. Cinis Media can help! Growing your business, is OUR business!

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