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Why Create a Blog?

It may seem silly that I am writing the first blog on the Cinis Marketing website about why a company should create a blog; however, this is a social media company. I think it is essential that my thoughts portrayed here focus on what is really important to a company's social media platform. So, back to the question at hand, why should someone create a blog?

A blog is a voice, its that simple. It is the best way in social media for an individual to get their voice heard. Right now, in writing this blog, you are hearing my voice. You are learning that I am articulate and have a passion for online media. You are learning that I want the focus of my blogs to be both my business and my voice.

So now that we know why, how do we create a blog? Almost all website editing tools have a blog option that can be quickly and easily added to any website. There are several templates available and several platforms on which you can write once you start. You also have the option of creating a blog through a social media site, merely by utilizing your voice. Lastly, you can create a blog on a third party site that you can then thread or link to your social media marketing pages.

So now you have a voice and a blog, what's next. Content. Your blog needs to be beneficial to your followers. For me, that is social media. For you, that is whatever the topic of your business, or even personal website. You have it in you! You have the skill and the voice to ensure that people know what you are thinking. And best of all you have the freedom that comes with social media. I can't wait to see your first blog!

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