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Social Media Marketers always remind you to advertise your Brick and Mortar location on your Website

Social Media Marketers are continually reminding people of the importance of branding with social media. Using the internet as a method by which to share sales, new products, and any other prevalent and exciting news is essential in the success of a business in modern society! One thing social media experts may tell you less than we should, is that you should also use your brick and mortar to advertise your social media.

When an individual is in your store, offering a perk for liking you on social media and/or just sharing the links, can grow your online following. This benefits you in several ways! If you have given your customer excellent customer service, and they have purchased a product that they will be happy with, they also are now reminded of the products and promos that you are having, going forward!

If, for example, a customer purchased one item but was eyeing up two, they go home and a week later see on Facebook that same item appears on their screen. They are over 50% more likely to return to your store for the second purchase than if there were no social media presence.

Social media and brick and mortar go hand in hand in this day and age. One store that does an excellent job of illustrating this fact is "Small Talk Vineyard" in Niagara. This winery has a fantastic online presence, as well as several fun and whimsical ways of promoting their social media presence in their brick and mortar location.

Anyone with a brick and mortar location and social media presence should take a note from this winery's book. Social Media and Brick and Mortar are mutually beneficial, when used properly! Want to learn more? Let's chat!

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